On top of being a writer, coffee addict and mother of twin girls, I am a Miniature Schnauzer mama, collector of antique typewriters and a childhood cancer survivor. 

Writing has always been my number one passion. Ever since third grade when I used to ask the teacher to staple paper together for me to write in at playtime – I have been writing stories, novels, poems, blogs and articles. I have attended numerous conferences over the years that have helped me with my craft: 2016 Writer’s Digest Conference, 2015 Unicorn Writer’s Conference, 2007 College Media Conference and 2007 BookExpo America. On top of self-publishing my YA novel, Noon, I have lectured to many CNY classes about the topics the novel discusses such as self-harm, cancer, suicide, teen ME THEODOREpregnancy, relationships and family. My passion has led me to freelance write for sites such as HealthyPlace.com, The Daily Media Studio and others to explore and improve my craft.

When I am not writing, I am either drinking way too much coffee (even though that goes hand-in-hand with writing) or scavenging through antique shops. I have a problem with collecting vintage typewriters. I also have a problem with collecting anything old, rusty and dirty that can be cleaned, painted and brought back to life. I’m somewhat obsessed with Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper and, sometimes, pretend to be her sister living in New York. On my off days when I’m not pretending to be Joanna Gaines, you will find me walking my Mini Schnauzer, Theodore, or hanging from the ceiling. Yes, hanging from the ceiling. I have become very passionate about aerial arts and have taken aerial silks classes for almost two years.

Well, until I got pregnant.

Now that Elora and Lucy have recently entered my world and completely stolen my heart, my priorities have been a little bit rearranged. I still will find time to write and I still will find time to hang from the ceiling. However, their dirty, horrendous diapers and ridiculously adorable smiles now come before anything and everything else. That doesn’t mean I won’t find creativity amongst the chaos – being creative is part of who I am.

Being ‘Mom’ is now just part of who I am now too.